Intermediate Word:  Dutch door -  (a) deeply recessed door  (b) split upper and lower half-doors  (c) waterproofed door  (d) doggie door
Difficult Word: - daphnia   (a) minute shrimp  (b) wood nymphs  (c) nubile young girls  (d) young Damson flies

'Satan' to Test New Mini-Cosmodrome in Russia - SpaceDaily  The Ukrainian-built missile, dubbed "Satan" by NATO durig the height of the Cold War, is the SS-18 and referred to as an RS-18 or a “Voyevoda ” (Russian for ‘warrior chief’) by the Russian press. It is the world’s biggest military rocket. It can throw a nine-ton warhead, comprised of up to ten thermonuclear warheads, halfway across the planet in 30-minutes. It uses storable self-igniting propellants much like those of the now-discarded ‘Titan’ missile.  The launch is being billed by Russian space officials as the first step in establishing a ‘mini-cosmodrome’ at the Dombarovskiy military base to hoist satellites into low earth orbit. Within three years, an improved upper stage will be able to send half-ton payloads to the moon and planets.     
Small Asteroid Passes Between Satellites and Earth - Space.com  Astronomers spotted an asteroid this week after it had flown past Earth on a course that took it so close to the planet it was below the orbits of some satellites. The object, named 2004 YD5, was about 16 feet (5 meters) wide. Had it entered the atmosphere, it would have exploded high up, experts figure. 2004 YD5 is the second closest pass of an asteroid ever observed by telescope.   


Plane-saving chutes  - CNN  Left:  Ballistic Recovery Systems is working with NASA to design a parachute for small commercial jets.   Canadian rancher Albert Kolk's small plane banked uncontrollably in darkness over the Monashee mountains, then began spiraling toward earth. "Seat belts!" he barked to his young teenage grandson and two young friends. Then he reached for a red lever in the cockpit. Suddenly, an orange-and-white parachute as big as a house opened above the plane and gently landed his stricken aircraft in a rocky clearing. If the Minnesota-based maker of the parachute that saved Kolk's life this past spring, which sold about 500 of its $16,000 parachute systems this year for use by small private planes and pilots like Kolk, succeeds, one day commercial aircraft like regional commuter jets may have similar safety systems. The company's most advanced parachute right now can accommodate nearly 4,000 pounds. Regional jets weigh 80,000 pounds and fly at more than 600 miles per hour.

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